what is phthalate-free sex toys

My friend, have you ever heard of phthalate-free sex toys? It might sound a little foreign to you but I assure you that it is something to be aware of. My experience with them showed me they are far from what you’d expect.

Firstly, what exactly are phthalate free sex toys? To simplify, sex toys that don’t contain phthalates are designed to be body safe and don’t contain compounds that could be harmful to your body. You see, phthalates are chemicals that expand and contract plastic- they make it more flexible which is great when it comes to toys but can be quite dangerous when introduced into our bodies.

It’s been established that they are not safe and can in fact damage our hormones and reproductive systems. So, it’s important to have a piece of mind and understand that what we use for pleasure has a direct affect on our health. And thanks to the modern industry, we have the opportunity to get body-safe sex toys that don’t contain this chemical.

I’m glad to say that I’m now aware of this and am always on the look-out for body-safe toys that don’t contain dangerous chemicals. This fact has also changed my buying habits and I’m encouraged to research and understand the product before I make the purchase.

The quality of my sex toys have improved dramatically and so have my experiences. What I no longer need to worry about are the risks associated with phthalates and don’t have to stress about any dangerous health issues. My body is thankful and so am I.

Another become benefit to using phthalate-free sex toys is the feeling of safety and security it gives you. You know and trust that your toy is not going to harm you and you don’t need to question yourself while using it.

Plus, you can also trust the fact that the product has more than likely been tested and proven to be safe and doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. This gives me a sense of satisfaction that I’m doing what I can to increase my safety and pleasure at the same time.

If you’re interested in these type of sex toys, I recommend doing research and make sure to ask questions to the seller. There have been cases of sellers who don’t disclose that the toy contains phthalates until the customer has bought it, and that is a no-no. The best way to make sure you’re getting a safe and quality product is to shop with well known and trusted brands. That way you can trust that the research and testing has been done correctly.

I always encourage my friends to either make their own sex toys or invest in body-safe sex toys. There a lot of designs that are totally geared towards pleasure, safety, and convenience. In addition, there are accessories to help keep you safe and comfortable during use.

Speaking of convenience, storage and cleaning of these toys is pretty easy. Most of the times a simple wipe down with soap and vibrators water will do, but there are some products that suggest you use toy cleaner and even cover it with a condom for extra protection.

Including these toys in your sexual activities also encourages exploration, communication, and Penis Rings a great learning experience. I’ve found that it has helped me deepen my relationship with my partner because I know I can trust that there is no danger when using those toys.

The whole experience makes me realize that progress is a real thing and that we have come a long way in terms of knowing the health risks associated with these products. I’m thankful that I am now aware and that my body can have peace of mind.

One important takeaway from this discussion is that no matter what you choose to do in the bedroom, know that you always have the right to choose a product that is not harmful to your body and soul. Make sure you are making the best decision for yourself every time.

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