what are some of the weirdest sex toys

Hey mate, so you know how there are some things which are a bit weird when it comes to sex toys? Well let me tell you about a few of the weirdest ones I have seen. First off, I’ve heard of a toy called the ‘Wink & Wink’, which is a vibrator where you hold it between your legs and it records the sound you make. It can then replay the sound over and over. That’s pretty unique!

Next, I’ve seen something called ‘Squeezing Up’, which is a toy that is strapped onto your thigh and when you shake your leg, it squeezes the toy in time with your movement. This might sound strange, but it actually feels really great due to vibration and pressure.

Then there’s the ‘G-Spot Bullet’, which is a vibrator which can be inserted into the vagina and then you can control it using your smartphone. It gives you a great G-spot massage!

Moving on, I’ve also seen the ‘CyberSkin’ vibrator, which is designed to resemble a man’s Penis Rings. It also vibrates and moves when touched or when music is played.

Lastly, I’ve heard of a weird one called ‘The Panther’, which is a vibrator which has a cat-like face and tail made of fur. So when your partner moves the cat around you, it will vibrate and feel really nice.

So as you can see, there are definitely some weird sex toys out there. But I think the one thing they all have in common is that they’re all wonderfully pleasurable and fun to use. Despite their strangeness, it’s all about exploring the depths of your sexual pleasure and having some fun.

Now it’s time to explore some other weird sex toys I heard of. For vibrators example, the ‘Bondage Cuffs’ are basically a pair of cuffs with a vibrator built-in. When you put them on your partner you can control the vibration remotely! And if that’s not enough kinky fun, then there’s also the ‘Remote Control Prostate Massager’, which comes with a remote control so you can massage your prostate whenever and wherever you like.

I’ve also heard about the ‘Pain and Pleasure Beads’. These stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time, for dual pleasure. It also has beads that vibrate in different settings for more pleasure.

Another wild sex toy I know of is the ‘Sybian’. It’s a saddle-style personal massager that rotates and vibrates like a mechanical bull – except it’s a lot more fun.

Lastly, there’s the ‘Sex Machine’, which is basically a machine that will thrust a dildo into you at a variety of speeds and angles. It seems crazy at first, but the pleasure it can give is unbelievable.

So as you can see, there are definitely some out-there sex toys out there! But there’s something to be said for experimenting and trying something new. The pleasure that we can gain from these weird sex toys is definitely worth a try.

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