People want to find fulfillment in their lives, and while some may turn to religion or certain hobbies others may take a more risqué route. For many, the age of exploration starts after 18, when purchasing certain sex toys, lubricants, etc legally, and discreetly can become a reality.

At the start, the general worry that comes into play can be that of how you as a person will be perceived. Do you feel you can be open about your choices and preferences, and how will it be taken? On average the age of people that generally purchase the most sex toys heavily fall into the age ranges of mid to late twenties.

That is not to say though that anyone younger or older won’t buy or use sex toys. Far from it in fact! As the stigma has become less widely spread, many people regardless of age have opened up to the idea of including sex toys in their more intimate moments.

If we look at it from a statistic point of view, the age range with late twenties to thirties does come with the majority. This range could be attributed to the natural freedom to make decisions of the person, the ability to focus on people’s own needs and preferences and the additional financial autonomy.

I often feel like you only get to become in touch with this side of yourself after you have established certain parameters. A financially stable and emotionally safe environment can greatly allow you to explore different tools and to truly help you reach a state of fulfilment.

My friends and I often discuss this topic with great passion. They all have diverse preferences and experiences which show the beauty of our individual preferences. Some of them are into BDSM and extreme sexual activities; while some others prefer to keep it as simple as possible.

It never fails to amaze me how so many of my peers can be so open and comforting talking about something that for a long time was kept in the shadows. For some of my friends, the thought of using sex toys has only really started to become a reality in their thirties, and what a great pleasure it is for them.

It also made me think about how our preferences are always changing, and as much as we have certain fantasies, that we can explore, explore different tools like sex toys to help us reach a different state of being.

Other than that, so many stores all around have products that can be fun and pleasurable, and can add an extra layer of exploration. So many of the sex toys have become more accessible and discreet, so that you can be able to store them easily.

My friends and I often talk about coming into terms with our souls and understanding that using general products can greatly enhance pleasure. That is why I think age is not necessarily a limitation when it comes to using sex toys.

It’s something that should come with love and respect and if you are more into the physical experience, you can use some of the great products available for that purpose. From simple vibrators and dildos to more intense BDSM toys, there is definitely something that suits your preferences.

Coming to terms with your needs is something that can come at any age, and it should be celebrated and embraced. What matters the most is how you use and take care of yourself, no matter the age. Communicating with your partner is often the path into an enhanced exploration.

Being able to talk about your desires can be incredibly liberating, regardless of the route you may decide to take. Whether you are into mild pleasure or extreme sexual activities, understanding and discussing your needs and preferences between you and your partner are essential.

So much can be learnt and experience, and it all comes down to being comfortable and secure in your needs and bodies. Feeling curious and exploring can be fun and even exhilarating! Everyone can approach sex toys at any age and should be celebrated and respected.

In my opinion, so many incredible experiences can be had through all the different sex toys available now. With so many styles of vibrators, realistic dildos and BDSM toys, the choices are endless. Toys for sexual pleasure should not be feared but be celebrated instead.

Being honest and open and communicating with your partner can be a great asset into further exploration into sex toys. Age should never be a limitation when it comes to playing with pleasure! Being open and curious can greatly help you enhance your own experience and of your partner’s as well.

We should never be ashamed about exploring our own desires and feelings. Having within us certain fantasies, should never be kept in the shadows but brought below the light. There are so many ways in which we can explore different products and even to discover something new!

That’s why I truly think it does not matter what age buys the most sex toys. Age should never be the limitation but the enhancer. There are so many great products and when done with consent and respect can bring a great sense of freedom and comfort. After all, isn’t pleasure is what we all try and reach?

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