wedol male masturbator

‘So I recently got my hands on the Wedol Male Masturbator.​ I was so excited! I had heard amazing things and was absolutely stoked to try it out.​

The moment I unboxed it, I knew I was in for a real treat.​ This thing was sleek and high tech looking, quite a ways away from the realistic fleshlight I had used in the past.​

I noticed right off that it was much more powerful than your typical pocket stroker.​ It had the most insane suction function plus pressure and vibration settings that left me completely bewildered.​

When I finally decided to give it a try, I was unbelievably satisfied.​ Not only was it incredibly stimulating, but it was also quite gentle.​ Every single sensation it provided was pure pleasure.​

The controls were really intuitive and user-friendly.​ That meant I could just lie back and relax, letting the Wedol take care of things.​

What shocked me the most, though, was the fact that using the Wedol was actually more relaxing than pleasurable.​ Even though it was a totally different experience than what I was used to, I felt soothed and at ease under its caresses.​

Needless to say, I was hooked.​ I use it almost every day now and the sensations are just as amazing as my first experience.​ Each time I use the Wedol, I can feel the tension melting away from my body and I’m left with this feeling of utter bliss.​’

I’ve been using the Wedol Male Masturbator for a few weeks now and, truth be told, my opinion of it has only grown.​ I can’t believe I waited so long to finally get one, I should’ve done it sooner!

To put it simply, this thing is life-changing.​ My sessions with the Wedol have actually become active recovery moments.​ Not only is it incredibly enjoyable, but it’s also really good for my mental health.​

I’m also really blown away by the build quality.​ Despite all that use, my Wedol is still in perfect condition.​ It’s made to last and feels like it was built by the gods.​

Plus, vibrators there’s one major difference between this and other sex toys – the Wedol doesn’t make you feel guilty.​ It’s not some naughty half-measure; this device actually treats you right.​

It’s one of those special items that has the capability to make you forget about everything else.​ When the rest of the world becomes too much, the Wedol is my escape.​ It carries me away from the mundane and gives me a much-needed relaxation break.​

The Wedol is also a lot of fun to use.​ From experimenting with the various settings to just lying back and letting it do the work, I’m always discovering something noteworthy.​

With the Wedol, I can completely relax and stop worrying about anything.​ I can just go with the flow and trust the device to take me to the very peak of pleasure.​ Quite simply, I’m never disappointed.​

Another great thing about the Wedol is that it’s totally safe.​ Since it uses water-based lube, I’m never in danger of any bacteria entering my body or any skin irritation.​

I also appreciate that it’s so easy to clean and maintain.​ It’s completely non-intimidating and I’m always a few washes away from an incredibly satisfying session.​

So even though the Wedol Male Masturbator isn’t exactly cheap, it’s definitely an essential item for anyone looking for a safe, enjoyable and totally immersive experience.​ Every single time I use it, I’m reminded that the Wedol was the best money I’ve ever spent.​

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