tricks for male masturbation

It’s no surprise that male masturbation has been around for centuries and is still a source of pleasure for us men.​ Whether it’s after a long day or just out of curiosity, exploring your body can provide a deeper understanding of yourself and boost your self-confidence.​ If you’re looking to get the most out of your solo time, here are some tricks to up your masturbation game.​

Firstly, think of your act of self-love as just that – self-love.​ Going into it with a positive, exploratory attitude can help you to relax and let go, making for a more intense orgasm and total body release.​ Additionally, while it may be tempting to act out your favorite porn scene, approach masturbation as a time for experimentation.​ Everything from switching up positions to using your imagination to explore different fantasy scenarios can add more pleasure to the experience.​

My second tip is to experiment with different toys and other aids.​ If you’re new to the world of sex toys, even a simple lubed-up sock or a pillow can do the trick! My additional tip for the pleasure-seekers is tongue simulators.​ There are various clit-pleasers on the market, from the traditional-style bunny ears vibrator to tongue vibrators that leave you feeling deeply satisfied.​ And don’t be afraid to explore anal play too.​

Thirdly, exploring new methods and techniques can also really help to amplify the pleasure.​ A simple change of hand motion or angle can make a big difference in sensation.​ Also, using both hands to play with your groin simultaneously may help bring on the waves of pleasure quicker.​

Fourthly, switch up your usual routine! Avoid routine and find new ways to pleasure yourself on a regular basis.​ If you’re a bit of a lazy masturbator, then it’s time to switch up your routine and explore new erogenous zones.​ Try stimulating different areas other than penis.​ Explore sensitive areas such as nipples, perineum, balls and even your anus.​ There’s nothing like exploring your body, getting creative, and letting go of inhibitions to truly enjoy your alone time.​

Fifthly, do not forget to focus on your breath.​ Keeping your breathing steady can be a great way to intensify the sensation during male masturbation.​ Controlling your breath can trigger more intense orgasms and help you last longer.​ Start by inhaling deeply when feeling aroused, and then exhale slowly.​ Continue this pattern until you reach the brink of ecstasy!

My sixth tip is to create a specific space or environment to help you to focus on your pleasure.​ Whether that’s a comfortable position in bed or leaning over your headboard, finding a space that feels comfortable and safe will help you relax and Penis Rings make it easier to stay in the moment.​ Additionally, make sure your environment is distraction-free – no background music or Netflix should be streaming.​

Finally, turn up your sound.​ Whether it’s music, audio recordings, or sounds of nature, using sound as a mental and physical aid can really help take your masturbation experience to the next level.​ Listening to something that arouses you and captures your attention can help break through common stressors and make it easier to relax and enjoy your orgasm.​ Feel free to be creative – just don’t forget about your headphones!

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