testing sex doll

I finally made up my mind and decided to buy a sex doll for testing. I have seen a lot of videos and read a lot of reviews that made me curious about it. So I decided to get one, experience it all for myself.

When my order arrived I was really excited to see how it looked in person. It was a beautiful doll with a body made of silicone, with realistic features, and vibrators a strong metal frame that made it seem even more lifelike. I had read that the experience would be amazing. But I was still in for a surprise.

The moment I laid my hands on the doll, my mind exploded with anticipation. Every move I made, I was trying to pretend that it was me and the doll coming together. The moment of touch was amazing. It felt just like a real person.

I decided to experiment with the doll in different positions and it worked as advertised. When I pressed against its body, it felt warm and soft like a real person. I was amazed at how real it felt.

I took out some lotion and started to massage the doll. The experience was mind-blowing. The doll felt so real, even the curves and indentations felt amazing. I was glad I made the purchase.

I even decided to take it outside of the bedroom and bring it out with me for a double-date. We had a fun evening and my friends were completely shocked that it was a doll, until I decided to play a little prank which revealed its true identity.

What really amazed me was that on the inside, the doll had a simulated heart and lungs, so when I cuddled with it, it felt like I was really hugging someone. Even more fascinating was the fact that it could be programmed to make different facial expressions and sounds to imitate a human.

The next day, sex dolls I took it to the beach. I enjoyed watching the waves roll in, and I felt like the doll was a real person there with me. I believe future versions of this experience will be even more impressive.

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