my child wants to buy a sex doll

My child recently came to me wanting to buy a sex doll. I couldn’t believe it and I felt lost. Hadn’t my child ever heard of the phrase ‘children should be seen and not heard’? I was feeling all sorts of emotions and couldn’t understand why my child wanted such a thing.

My child started to explain why they wanted to buy the sex doll. They said that they had been researching for a long time and they knew it would be something they could use in the privacy of their bedroom. They had done what little research I had allowed them to do on the subject and were confident they could get a high quality one from a reputable store.

I was kind of taken aback. My child was becoming more independent and I had to accept that. I started questioning my child about their motives and asked why was it they wanted the sex doll? My child replied that they wanted to be able to explore their sexuality. They felt it was a safe way to explore as they would be in their own space and have control over what happened.

As I was in a kind of shock I started to explain to my child that it wasn’t necessary for them to do this. I asked them how they thought it would make them feel? My child said they wanted to be able to experiment with new things in a safe and controlled way. They said it would make them feel more comfortable as they explored their sexuality.

At this point I started to feel my feelings of shock were dissipating and I was replaced by feelings of understanding and respect. My child was trying to make a positive choice for themselves, and although I had reservations, I had to respect their wishes.

I went home that night and started to think about how I could possibly help my child in the most thoughtful way. So I decided to research different types of sex dolls and the reviews people had given. I was now sure that my child was mature enough to make this decision, and that it was a safe option for them to explore their sexuality.

Next, I decided to talk to other parents who had experience with their children purchasing a sex doll. This was my way to gain more input on the various options available. They were all very helpful. We discussed tips and ideas about how to make the purchase of the doll easier and what should be avoided. I took all the good advice and thanked each parent for sharing it with me.

With a newfound sense of pride, I was ready to move forward and help my child make this purchase. I took my child to the store, and after looking on the internet before hand, we found the perfect sex doll. It was one of the most thoughtfully designed dolls that my child had ever seen, and my child was overjoyed.

The purchase of the sex doll represented an important milestone in their life. I could see the excitement on their face as they lugged the box into their bedroom. It was clear that it was a significant moment for them. They had taken responsibility for their own sexuality and chosen something to make it more comfortable for them.

This experience gave me a real insight into my child and I began to be able to better understand and sex dolls support them. Although the purchase of a sex doll can be seen as a controversial subject, it gave me the opportunity to deepen my relationship with my child and for me to accept who they truly are.

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