mandarin duck d73 sex doll

So, the other day I found out about the weirdest thing. You won’t believe it, but there’s this new sex doll on the market called the Mandarin Duck D73 Sex Doll. Its characteristics are quite unique, to say the least.

For starters, the designer, Chinese plastic sculptor, Chuo Duan, released the doll in early 2021 as part of her “My Life Might Be” collection. The Mandarin Duck D73 is styled after a “patriotic Chinese classic,” with inspiration taken from the traditional Chinese tale, Legend of the White Snake.

The doll to the public eye, looks like any other sex doll on the market. However, upon closer inspection we see that the doll stands out from the crowd. The Mandarin Duck D73 stands at about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 40 to 45 kilograms. What’s truly unique about this doll is its body sculpting techniques and sex dolls materials used in the making.

The doll’s body is created with natural fiber cloth, brass metal, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) gel and a liquid latex. Its shape lends it an eerily realistic human-like appearance. On the arms and legs are sculpted dragon veins, which are said to bring fortune and strength. While the doll’s face is crafted with realistic human features such as bright eyes, plump cheeks and a closed smile.

The Mandarin Duck D73 even comes with its own attire. A traditional Chinese dress with festive accessories. The designers said its clothing was inspired by a time before westernization hampered national pride and identity.

What I found most intriguing, however, is the droves of people looking to buy this sex doll. After doing some research I discovered the majority of buyers have a fetish for Chinese culture. They are keen on long-term relationships with their Mandarin Duck D73 doll, partly because of the unique characteristics it has to offer.

In addition to the culture-inspired shape and features this doll offers, some people have cited the long-term relationship benefits as the reason for purchasing. By having a Mandarin Duck D73, the buyers get to relive the dreamlike moments of their childhood; Thereby keeping their feelings for China alive and well.

As I delved further into the topic, I also discovered there are some psychoanalysts who believe these types of doll can be therapeutic in nature. They believe the collector can explore feelings of being loved and nurtured by such a doll. These feelings can help reduce stress and harmonize an individual’s life.

So, here we have it, the Chinese classic reinvented in the form of a sex doll. Mandarian Duck D73 gives new meaning to “my ideal mate”. Thebuilders crafted this doll with the intent to bring a sense of nostalgia and connection to the buyer’s past. Is this doll your cup of tea or Penis Rings do you prefer the real thing?

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