males how to increase pleasure from masturbation

Masturbation is a topic that gets a little bit of a bad rap, but I believe it should be embraced and discussed more openly.​ As males, taking a few moments for some self-love can be incredibly liberating and pleasurable – and it’s time for us to reclaim some of that pleasure.​ If you want to maximize your pleasure from masturbation, here are few tips that may help you out.​

First and foremost, it is important to prioritize your own pleasure and comfort.​ Find a comfortable space, free of distractions, and create an ambiance that helps you relax.​ Put on some music that you like, light up some candles, set the temperature just the way you like it; create your own Edenic paradise.​

Second, take the time to observe your body and your sexual wants and needs.​ Learn to navigate through your body.​ Explore your erogenous zones.​ There is no shame in touching yourself, no shame in exploring the depths of your desires.​ Understand that pleasure without the feeling of guilt is possible.​

Third, get to know your own rhythm, figure out the combination that works best for you.​ Many times, our perceptions of pleasure and satisfaction are far away from our reality.​ Experiment with different speeds, techniques and levels of intensity.​ Move around different body parts, in multiple ways.​ Most importantly, don’t forget to take a few moments to enjoy the journey along the way.​

Fourth, if you want to increase the pleasure, suggest you explore other stimulation sensations, like toys, massages –– even using lubes and creams.​ This can add a whole new level of rich pleasure.​

Fifth, choose a fantasy.​ Fantasizing can be a great way to increase pleasure when masturbating.​ Think of a person you find attractive, or an experience you’d like to have.​ A good fantasy can push you over the edge.​

Next, pay attention to your breathing.​ Take a few deep breaths and relax.​ Allow the sensations from your fantasy to become real sensations in your body.​ Take in the pleasure and savor it.​ With each deep breath, a wave of relaxation will slowly move throughout your entire body, and lead to heightened pleasure.​

Finally, express yourself! Give yourself permission to fully express yourself during this act of self-love.​ make sounds, move your hips, feel the pleasure.​ You have nothing to feel ashamed about.​

As I mentioned before, exploring your body and embracing the sexual pleasure that comes with masturbation should always be done without judgement or guilt.​ Take the time to explore yourself and explore your boundaries.​ Understand that pleasure without guilt can be achieved.​ It’s ok to love yourself, sex dolls take the time to create an environment that embraces pleasure and pleasure alone.​

To further expand your pleasure potential, masturbating with a partner can greatly enhance the pleasure of an orgasm for both of you.​ This can be either through direct contact or even remotely, perhaps using sex toys.​ Together, taking the time to explore and share pleasure can add new experiences and new levels of pleasure.​

If you’re single, masturbation can be just as enjoyable.​ With a little experimentation and a lot of patience, it’s entirely possible to reach that special pleasure point solo.​ Practice different techniques, varying speeds as well as the amount of pressure you put on yourself.​ Even exploring different methods such as dry, underwater, or manual techniques can make all the difference.​

It’s also important to practice mindful masturbation.​ Sure, fantasizing can be hot, but try to incorporate some level of meditation in the process.​ Acknowledge the sensations you’re feeling throughout your body.​ Generate body heat and physical tension as a result of arousal.​ Allow yourself to feel it and go with it until the top of the wave.​

Finally, don’t forget that masturbation is a great health-related practice as well.​ It releases the built-up tension, as well as stress, which can affect the physiology in many positive ways.​ Our body chemistry changes as a result of engaging in such a pleasurable act, and our body will thank us for it!

So, if you’re looking to increase your pleasure from masturbation, remember to prioritize your own pleasure and comfort, explore different ways to stimulate yourself, both physically and mentally, and thank your body for what it’s capable of.​ With enough experimentation, patience and self-love, you are guaranteed to find the sweet spot!

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