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Masturbators seem to be the hot topic of conversation these days, and I recently got my hands on this new thing called Feelingirl.​ I’ve seen all the ads for it and heard that it was really good, but unfortunately, there’s something I hadn’t quite prepared for: how to clean it!

This seemed like an absolute no-brainer at first.​ I mean, it’s this little device designed to make self-pleasure easier, it should come with instructions on how to clean, right? Wrong! After a slow-burn epiphany, I realized it didn’t come with any instructions or tips on how to clean it.​

Being an inquisitive person, I did what any guy would do: I took to the internet to find out how to clean my Feelingirl like a pro.​ Some of the answers I received were pretty spot-on, but the general consensus was something I hadn’t expected.​ Everyone seemed to be saying that the best way to clean my Feelingirl was to buy a specific, dedicated cleaning solution that was specifically designed for sex toys this type of device.​ No soap or water, just a special solution.​

At first I was a bit skeptical.​ It just seemed too simple a solution for something supposedly so high-tech.​ But seeing as it seemed to be the best solution to my cleaners’ woes, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a bottle of Feelingirl cleanser.​

Once I started using the cleanser, I found that it worked surprisingly well.​ It was super easy to use – it was almost like using a rinse – and left my Feelingirl smelling and feeling great.​ I could tell the difference right away; it felt almost like a new device.​

But there was still a part of me that didn’t feel quite right with just spraying the device with a cleaning solution.​ Was I really doing enough to keep it running properly? After consulting my friends and some of the reviews online, I found out that I needed to go a step further: deep cleaning.​

This involved taking apart the device itself and cleaning each piece separately with the same solution I was using for the exterior of the device.​ This seemed like a tedious and somewhat daunting task, but it ended up being worth my while.​ Although it took me awhile, it was definitely worth it.​ After I was done, I felt like my Feelingirl was sparkling clean and ready to go.​

So, there you have it.​ I found that the best way to clean my Feelingirl is to use a dedicated solution and deep clean it with a little extra elbow grease.​ It might seem tedious, but it’s definitely doable and if done right, it will leave your Feelingirl fresh and sparkling.​

Now, to Woodies.​ Woodies may be the newest craze in male masturbators, but it’s not just the sleek design and feel-good features that keep men coming back for more.​ What to many men may seem like a sex toy, to some is nothing more than a device with an exacting set of cleaning requirements- and it’s important ones.​

Most male masturbators come with instructions detailing how to clean them properly, as not following these guidelines could lead to contamination and risk of infection.​ But with the Woodies it’s a bit different; there’s no clear instructions for a deep clean, or advice on how to effectively clean the device.​ I think the reason for this is that the Woodies is supposed to have a longer lifespan than most toys, and it’s meant to be used multiple times before it begins to wear down.​ So you want to make sure you clean it really well each time you use it.​

But how do you do that? Well, for the exterior of the Woodies I suggest using a sex toy sterilizer or even a gentle soap and water combination.​ Make sure the device is completely dry before using any lubricant, and make sure to avoid getting any soap solution or lubricant directly on the Woodies’ motor.​

To deep clean the inside, it’s recommended to use a brush designed specifically for cleaning sex toys.​ Many of these brushes come with special tips, like a long curved end or a small spiral end, to access the tough-to-reach places of the device.​

Depending on the type of lubricant you use, it’s a good idea to invest in a lubricant cleaner, such as an anti-bacterial cleaner meant to remove bacteria or body fluids from sex toys.​ This type of cleaner is safe to use on your Woodies and will help extend its life and keep it free of any unpleasent odors.​

It may sound like a lot, but trust me- following these steps can help ensure that your Woodies will last for longer and stay clean and safe.​ It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you do, deep cleaning your Woodies will be easy and second nature.​

Finally, one of the most important things you can do to extend your Woodies’ life is to store it correctly! Did you know that the way you store your Woodies after use can also effect its lifespan? That’s why you should make sure to store your Woodies in a dark and dry place, away from direct sunlight, dust, dirt, and any other particles that can accumulate over time.​ This will help keep your Woodies in tip top shape for longer!

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