male masturbation donts

Masturbation is a normal part of the male sexual experience- but like anything, there are some important don’ts to consider.​ I’m sure we’ve all heard of the horror stories – guys getting so engrossed in the moment that they’ve damaged themselves, or got close to the point of no return and passed out! While it’s super important to enjoy yourself, here are some important male masturbation don’ts to keep in mind:

Don’t overdo it.​ I’ve heard of guys who’ve put themselves through absolutely grueling sessions of masturbation.​ Particularly when you’re young and feeling particularly ‘horny’, sometimes it can feel like you just can’t get enough – and you can end up in a vicious cycle of constantly seeking satisfaction that you can never find.​ At the end of the day, the pleasure and satisfaction of masturbation should be reasonably short-equivalent to that of sex with a partner.​ If you find yourself constantly going at it for hours or days, you should consider talking to someone about it – you might need some help to develop more self-control.​ : Buy Top quality sex doll 165cm japanese love doll with Perfect body real ...Don’t do it in risky places.​ As wild and exciting as it may sound, it’s really not wise to masturbate in public places, no matter how tempting the thrill of getting caught may be! Not only is it extremely dangerous and illegal, but it could also have terrible social consequences.​ If you’re caught, you could face serious fines, jail-time, and even long-term damage to your reputation- an image that can be incredibly difficult to recover from.​ Save yourself the trouble and find other places to masturbate without the risk of getting caught.​

Don’t do it too often.​ Not only can too much masturbation lead to the need for more and more intense stimulation in order to achieve the same level of pleasure, it can also wear your body down.​ I’ve heard of guys who have found that excessive masturbation has reduced their libido and made sex toys less enjoyable.​ It’s important to practice self-restraint and understand the limits of your body- it will help to make sure you can continue to enjoy masturbation and other sexual activities for years to come!

Don’t forget to lube up.​ This can be an easy thing to forget in the heat of the moment, but lubricant is absolutely essential to ensure your session is comfortable.​ And I mean, the thicker the better – right? Some guys have reported that not using enough lubricant has lead to uncomfortable – even painful – experiences.​ Quality is just as important – you don’t want to be using any lube that’s full of dangerous, toxic chemicals.​ And by all means, never use oils or petroleum-based products as they can cause severe irritation.​ So, if you’re gonna do it – make sure you do it right!

Don’t neglect aftercare.​ Cleanliness is key to getting the most out of your masturbation session, and there’s nothing worse than realising you’ve got a sticky mess to clean up afterwards.​ Carry along a towelette or wipes to make sure you can clean up properly and quickly.​ And if you’re using toys, make sure to clean them with hot, soapy water after every use – for hygiene’s sake!

Don’t rely on porn.​ I find that many guys have become so addicted to porn that they struggle to enjoy masturbation without it.​ While porn can be really enjoyable, it’s not required for a good time.​ Plenty of guys find they enjoy it more WITHOUT the distraction of screens – just close your eyes and let your imagination do the rest.​ I’ve heard stories of guys who’ve re-discovered their pleasure with less stimulation because they’ve become desensitised to the things they see in porn.​

Don’t just stick to the basics.​ We all know how to get the job done, but if you find yourself often stuck in a rut, why not switch things up by trying different positions, incorporating new toys or gadgets or even just using different body parts to stimulate yourself? I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Masturbation is a great way of getting to know your body better.​ Experimenting with different grip pressures, techniques and fantasies can greatly vary the pleasure you can get from it, and help to understand better how to satisfy yourself and your partner.​ Through this process of exploration you might even find some hidden spots that make you feel really good- maybe even better than your conventional spots!

Moreover, by recognising which activities bring you the most pleasure, you can get to know more about yourself and learn how to better satisfy your partners.​ Take too the time to learn the different activities that bring you pleasure and satisfaction, experiment with this and see how you can even enjoy it with a partner.​ Finding new ways to enjoy the sensations with a partner can be really exciting and rewarding.​

If partner play is something daunting in your head, why not start with introducing toys into your solo play? Use scarves, vibrators and other toys to bring a variety in sensations to your solo sessions.​ This way when the time for partner play arrives, you’ll already have discovered new and exciting zones and techniques on your own.​

While, of course, it’s important to follow all the tips above – my most important step for a satisfying male masturbation session is learning to be present and focused on the sensations and pleasure your body is receiving.​ Listening to your body, being aware of your erogenous zones and experimenting with different techniques are key factors to really make the most of your session.​ After all, enjoyment and pleasure should be your goal!

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