japanese company trotta made child sex dolls

Boy, did I get an eye-opener when I heard about this: Japanese Company Trotta is said to be selling child sex dolls.

At first I was aghast. How could something like this even exist? As terrible as it is, a company is actually mass-producing these dolls for purposes I won’t even bother mentioning.

The thought of these creations made my stomach churn. A doll designed for the kind of depraved acts most of us would never even dream of. It was sickening, and plastered images in my head that will never go away.

On top of that, this company has the nerve to call them ‘therapy dolls’ to try to justify the abomination they created. This is more than disgusting. It’s infuriating.

This leads to another thought that’s even more disturbing: when something becomes so normalized and accepted, where do the lines of morality get drawn? Because with the kind of acceptance this kind of “therapy” is said to bring to some, sex dolls it makes me wonder what other kind of acts that were once frowned upon could become ‘acceptable’.

It’s not just the potential for something this horrible to become normalized that troubles me. There’s more to it than that: what kind of psyche does this kind of “therapy” nurture? People who purchase these dolls, what kind of impact do you think it has on them, if any?

At the end of the day, this isn’t merely a product of questionable nature. This is a horrific act of exploitation. It’s a twisted view on physical and mental development. It’s an insult to everything that’s right in this world. And it needs to be erased from existence.

Nobody deserves to have access to such vile objects and practices. I’m not sure if anyone can actually find any good outcome from this creation, but one thing is certain – it’s a sign we’re going down an even more sinister road than we already are. This cannot stand.

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