is it normal to use your parnets sex toys

It all started just a few days ago.I was hanging out with my friend when suddenly she told me something very shocking;is it normal to use your parents sex toys.This was so unexpected and it completely took me by surprise.I couldn’t believe that she was asking me such a thing and I was really taken aback.

My first reaction was to laugh, but then I realized that it was actually a serious question.I tried to think objectively and without judgement and Penis Rings it suddenly occurred to me that there wasn’t a clear cut answer to the question.I knew that ultimately it was up to my friend to decide whether or not it was normal.

But then I asked myself why was my friend even asking me this question?I found out that it was because her parents had recently bought a humpy for themselves.She was really curious to know if it was ok to use the same toys as your parents.

On the one hand, I could understand why she was concerned, but on the other hand I thought that it was perfectly normal.I mean, why should it matter how our parents use their sex toys.It’s not like it was any kind of major issue, was it?

Doc Johnson Lucid Dream 14 Multi-speed, Waterproof G-Spot Vibrator, Purple 782421631918 | eBaySure, I could understand why my friend might think that it was a bit weird, but I thought that it really wasn’t the end of the world.In fact, I thought it was kind of nice that my friend was open to trying new things and not being afraid of looking strange or weird.

So, I decided to tell my friend that it was totally normal and perfectly ok to use the same sex toys as our parents.I think it was really good of my friend to open up and talk about something like this, because it’s not always easy to express our true feelings and ask such difficult questions in front of others.It can really help to just talk about it and it’s nice that my friend felt comfortable enough to discuss something so sensitive with me.

I also suggested that my friend look at different kinds of sex toys, so that she could find something that she was more comfortable with.That way, she could have her own unique piece of pleasure.Plus, she wouldn’t have to worry about using the same sex toys as her parents.

By looking into the different kind of sex toys available, she could find something that was perfect for her.This way, she would be able to have a pleasurable experience that was all her own, and that wouldn’t be tainted by thoughts of her parents using the same items.Plus, she could also find something that was well within her budget and that would be something that she could easily afford.

In addition, I also suggested to my friend that she should talk to her parents and communicate her doubts and worries with them.This way, she could get a better understanding of why they chose to use the particular toys that they did and get a clearer explanation of their rationale.Plus, it would make her parents more comfortable and understanding if she told them how she felt about the topic, and it could strengthen their relationship too.

In conclusion, I told my friend that it was absolutely normal to use your parents’ sex toys, and that it was ok to do so.It’s important to talk to our parents and communicate with them, so that we can get an understanding of why they did what they did and be more comfortable with our own decisions.I think it was really nice of my friend to open up and ask about this delicate topic, and I’m sure that talking about it can help others in similar situations.

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