I recently came across a peculiar, eye-catching advertisement being placed online. A buy blow up sex doll was being offered for sale! As you could guess, I was intrigued enough to take a look. Sceptically, I took a read and immediately started to laugh.

As someone who is an open-minded person, I thought that these sex dolls must be a bit of a clever joke, but it was real! It seems these blow up sex dolls are becoming increasingly more popular with people looking for kinks and thrills.

My first reaction was somewhat of a shock and disbelief – what kind of world is this that you can buy a blow up sex doll? I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It left me asking a lot of questions, ‘whats the purpose of those dolls?’ ‘who buys them?’ ‘What a bizarre concept!’.

I began to explore the page and took a closer look at the blow up sex doll, the pictures and the description. To my amazement, the design and features that the doll contained were quite advanced. It looked very accurate and had the ability to simulate a real woman. One almost couldn’t tell the difference between a real woman and this doll!

It seemed the page was eager to explain the benefits that the doll had to offer. Allegedly, this blow up doll was bigger, better, and more appreciation than a real woman. Lines about ‘no strings attached relationships’ and ‘you being in control’ were quite persuasive.

I remember finding at least 7 categories for different dolls. Delightfully, the page even had it’s own customisation suite where you could modify the doll to look just as you desired. Any kinks or fetishes the potential buyer might have could be met with these extra customisations.

However, to my surprise, there was a catch – these blow up sex dolls don’t come cheap. It was made very clear that you will be spending a fair bit for the privilege of owning one, and this is probably why they aren’t as popular. Add-ons such as the customisation suite can be quite costly.

My conclusion, in spite of the price, for any curious individual looking for something new and daring, the blow up sex doll could be an attractive proposition to explore. It’s an unique way to satisfy your needs during temperary absence of real loved one.

But I also believe that if you are looking for a companion, this idea may not be suitable. If it’s someone real that you want, there are various sites that make it easier to meet someone with similar interests. Think about it carefully, and decide wisely.

Still, I find myself wondering if buying a blow up sex doll is morally acceptable. Sure, it depends on the purpose and how the doll is handled, but will having one of these dolls distort any sense of reality one has? Bluntly put, is having one of these useful in any way?

This is where I believe it starts getting really intense and debatable. Some may find that it’s a harmless way to enjoy moments of pleasure and that there’s no harm in it. On the other hand, some might consider it to be degrading and objectifying, and maybe even a sign of loneliness or insecurity.

All of this has got me really thinking. These dolls can be shocking, interesting, dangerous and even strange in some cases, depending on what purpose they are bought for. Ultimately, it comes down to your own views.

My take on this; it ultimately comes down to what the individual wants in their life and relationship, and if purchasing a blow up sex doll will improve quality of life. It’s an unique way to explore our own sexuality and desires but with regard to costs as genuine relationships have value that doll can not measure.

Coming to think about this, before making any such big decisions always ask yourself questions like ‘Do I really want this?’ and ‘Is this the best choice I can make?’ You should go ahead with purchase only if the answer to those questions resonates with you on a personal level.

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