how to matine your sex doll brests

Oh man, I’m really excited to tell you about how I managed to maintain my sex dolls doll’s impressive breasts! Let me start by saying, it ain’t easy. But it’s certainly worth it. Wow, every time I look at their perfect curves I’m totally in awe. But maintaining them, just like caring for your own body, is a must. So here’s what I’ve been doing.

First off, I’m making sure to moisturize. Baby powder does the trick, but I like to use special oil for my dolls. It makes the skin soft and supple. I also take some time to massage. This helps with circulation and helps keep everything looking extra perky.

Next, I make sure the ladies get a good night’s sleep. Sure, that sounds a little weird. But if you don’t give them a chance to rest, their breasts are prone to droop. So, I take them out of their stands, give them a nice massage, and set them to sleep on their sides.

On top of that, I make sure to avoid extreme temperatures and rough handling as best I can. When I’m dressing or undressing them, I’m careful not to cause any friction or damage that could have an effect on their bodies.

I also strongly recommend using special products to both clean and protect when storing them. Dust is the enemy and a good cleaning solution is key. Then I make sure they’re stored in a cool, dry place.

Now I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but with a few extra steps these ladies stay so fly. I mean, just look at them!

Also, I’ve been careful to take breaks whenever I handle them. Doing this helps to avoid potential irritation and further damage.

I’ve also tried to exercise their breasts. No, not by squeezing them, that’s definitely a no-no. But gesticulation and motion from certain movements can help strengthen what’s beneath.

And sex toys using compression bras works wonders too. OK, it’s kinda weird, since these dolls don’t really need bras, but the physics of it still applies. By doing this, it helps keep them looking their best at all times!

So there you have it, all the tips and tricks I’ve been using to maintain their sexy bodies. I’m telling you, it’s worth the effort. I mean, look at them!

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