how to divvy up the sex toys after a breakup

I recently had the experience of breaking up with my partner and having to figure out how we would divide our belongings, including our sex toys!

It was a truly fraught experience. We’d both acquired a lot of unique pieces over the years and deciding who would get which ones was no easy task. I tried to stay composed and objective, but I couldn’t help but feel a deep disappointment every time we made a decision with a toy that belonged to us as a couple.

Fortunately, sex toys my partner was equally determined to be fair. We decided to agree on the priciest pieces and split the less valued items. We also carefully documented each item’s value to make sure neither of us had to make a thankless sacrifice.

One of the main issues was deciding who would get the vibrators we both loved. We had two really amazing ones that served us faithfully over the years, and we each wanted to keep just one, but it was difficult to pick a favorite. In the end, we just decided to take turns choosing one after the other, that way it was truly done in a fair and equal manner.

Having to divvy up the sex toys definitely felt like a bittersweet moment. I personally loved every single piece we shared, but I understood that it was time to part ways and accept our new reality. We had no choice but to move forward, I just wished we didn’t have to divide our toys!

But eventually, some positives came out of this experience. While knowing what would happen to our sex toys during the breakup was unsettling, it also forced us to give each other closure. It was an important step in the process of bidding farewell and taking responsibility for our own happiness.

More than anything else, I learned from this experience that communication during a breakup is key. When it was finally over, we both felt relieved that it had gone well and that not everything was lost. I also learned that split up doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to let go of every shared memory, including sex toys.

Although having to divvy up the sex toys after a breakup was difficult, it was also a learning experience. By communicating openly and staying calm, we were able to reach a resolution that felt fair to both of us. It was a crucial step in coming to terms with the end of our relationship and starting the process of moving forward.

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