how to buy sex toys in india

Buying sex toys in India can be a puzzling and intimidating experience, especially for the uninitiated. I remember my first experience with being tasked to do exactly that. I remember the apprehension I felt largely due to the fact that India still isn’t a very open-minded society when it comes to sex — and sex toys in particular.

While over the past few years, there has been a gradual opening up around the topic, it still has a stigma attached to it. I was really quite nervous when I started to research how to buy sex toys in India. This of course was way before the internet was such a big part of life, so I didn’t have any online resources to draw from.

Instead, I dove straight into the deep end and decided to go out to a reputed adult store in my home city. Of course at the time, I took all kinds of precautions to make sure nobody around me noticed what I was doing. I contacted the store owner discreetly, dressed in nondescript clothing, and even wore a hat and sunglasses.

Once I got into the store, I was surprised to find the atmosphere quite welcoming and non-judgmental. The shop assistant explained to me the features and the discreteness of the sex toy packaging. The store was stocked with a variety of options. I was quite overwhelmed by the sheer variety of sex toy that were available -from vibrators and dildos to cock rings and body creams.

At the end, I decided to buy a vibrator and a dildo as I had heard these two were the most popular and easy to get started with. But the whole experience was really greater than I ever could have imagined or expected. It made me feel liberated and powerful. I finally had access to something that had been inaccessible to me before. Having sex toys gave me the opportunity to explore my own sexuality and pleasure further.

I started doing more research online on how to make the most of the sex toys and familiarised myself with the basics. I made sure to order my toys from trusted websites or stores, learnt how to properly care for them and store them. I also made sure to read up all about the ‘dos and don’ts’ of using sex toys and avoiding any potential risks or dangers.

For example, I made sure to use a healthy dose of lubrication for any and all toys and I was aware of not sharing the toys, especially if they had motors. Additionally, I was also aware of investing in good quality materials that were smooth and body-safe, and avoiding any materials that posed risks.

Speaking of investing, I also learned that sex toys aren’t very expensive and a good quality one can last long if taken care of properly. With the help of discounts and e-commerce sites, I was able to purchase several sex toys that suited my needs at an affordable rate.

I quickly realised that sex toys expand the breadth of your experiences. To enjoy them, one must approach them with an open mind and the positivity. With the right attitude and some basic research, buying sex toys can be an enjoyable and empowering experience!

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