household items it’s safe to masturbate with male

Life Size Sex Doll Japanese Young Girl Flat Chested 128cm \u2013 Flat Chested Sex Doll | Mini Sex ...It’s no secret that household items can be great when it comes to male masturbation.​ Flexible, safe, and generally cheap, they are a great go-to for when the urge to self-love arises.​ I’m no stranger to experimenting in this department, having tried everything from a back scratcher to a busted table lamp, but I think I’ve finally stumbled upon a few options that work pretty great.​

First up, let’s not forget about the trusty belt.​ Not only does a belt make for a great conduit for your pleasure, it’s also really comfortable and easy to use.​ All you need to do is loop the belt around your waist and you’re good to go.​ It’s even better if there’s a little bit of texture on the belt, like loops or bumps, as these can provide some additional sensations.​

Next on the list is the ever-versatile pillow.​ Pillows can be used for a variety of different purposes when it comes to self-pleasure, but the most popular way is to create a sort of makeshift pocket pussy.​ All you need is the pillow, some lubricant, and then some time to explore and find the perfect configuration.​

Then there’s the shower head.​ I’m sure most of us have turned on the shower just for fun at some point or another, but why not step it up a notch and use a detachable shower head? Not only is this a great way to get off, it’s also a great way to clean off after you get off!

Finally, let’s not forget about the classic tube sock.​ Whether you use a clean one or, like I do, Penis Rings save a few of my old socks for special occasions, tube socks are great for providing any kind of pleasure.​ Just fill the sock with something that provides some texture or pressure, and then get to work.​

These are just a few of the items around the house that I’ve used to great effect when it comes to masturbating.​ But, of course, these are far from the only options when it comes to household items that you can use for masturbating.​ Some people swear by ice cubes, while others hook up their shower head to a towel rack and use it to pleasure themselves.​

Then there’s the old classic of using a toothbrush handle in order to create a homemade dildo.​ Of course, this one requires a bit more finesse as you need to get the dimensions just right, but if you’re feeling adventurous, it can definitely be worth a try.​

There’s also the option of using a sink plunger.​ All you need to do is fill the bowl or bathtub with some warm water, drop the plunger in, and then move it around in order to get where you need to go.​ For those of us who don’t mind a bit of wetness, this can be a very effective option.​

Finally, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can always use a length of rope.​ Simply tie a few knots into the rope and then place it around your genitals.​ This will create a sort of makeshift rope bondage that can be great for getting off in a unique way.​

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to household items that can be safely used for male masturbation.​ Whether you’re looking for sex toys something to provide pressure, texture, or even a bit of bondage, there’s definitely something out there for you.​ So, the next time you’re feeling the urge to self-love, why not reach for some of these items and explore a new way to pleasure yourself?

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