Hi there, my best friend.​ Recently, I’ve been trying out something totally wild — a life size male masturbator.​ Now, bear with me.​ This isn’t about that uncomfortable conversation we’ve had about male masturbator a few weeks ago.​ It’s actually pretty cool.​

It’s a product that is designed to give you a lifelike experience while using it.​ It’s definitely a major leap forward from using regular size male masturbator.​ It feels really real, like you wouldn’t believe it.​ It takes your breath away.​ The sensation it provides is so real it leaves you in awe.​

It’s made with the highest quality materials and is designed to feel amazing.​ You can feel the different textures of the material and it’s extremely stimulating.​ It’s even designed to simulate the same pleasure as the real thing.​

I’m not sure if I can explain to you fully what it’s like to use it.​ All I can say is, it’s extraordinary.​ You can’t believe it till you’ve experienced it yourself.​ It’s definitely not for everyone, but if I were to recommend it, sex toys it would be for all the thrill-seekers out there.​

Using this product takes you beyond the realm of what was traditionally considered masturbating.​ It makes you feel as if you are actually in the process of making love.​ It feels like you’re making love with a partner but without the mess.​ You get the same pleasure without worrying about anything else.​

Furthermore, using a life size male masturbator makes you feel connected and in control.​ You have the power to chose the needed stimulation and enjoy the exact pleasure you crave.​ It does not force you to settle for anything less than what you desire.​ You can experiment with different ways to bring yourself pleasure which is exhilarating.​

I’m finding this experience quite enjoyable.​ What I like the most is the fact that I can use it in the privacy of my own home without having to worry about someone coming in while I’m in the middle of a session.​ It’s much safer and much more pleasurable than using a regular male masturbator.​

It hasn’t been easy to get used to this new adventure, but I’m really loving it.​ I’m more confident since I started using it and it’s given me creative ideas on how to spice up my sex life.​ I’m feeling more in touch with my body and it’s opened up a world of new possibilities that would have been off limits a few months ago.​

Overall, I think the life size male masturbator vibrators is an amazing product.​ It’s giving me the necessary confidence to make more daring moves in the bedroom.​ Now that I’m comfortable with it – I’m exploring different positions and techniques.​ It’s definitely worth looking into if you want to spice up your sex life or experiment with something new.​

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