Hey friend! I’m here to tell you about the best male masturbator of 2018.​ I’m sure you’ve heard of the mythical world of male masturbators.​ You know, the stuff made from artificial materials like fleshlight, strokers, and pocket pussies.​ Well, it seems they’ve been one-upping themselves this past year.​

I’m actually quite impressed with what I’ve seen, and there are plenty of products available that are good enough to make the best male masturbator of 2018 list.​ The lifelike feeling you get when you’re using one is beyond incredible, and just a few seconds of use will have you hooked!

When deciding which one is the best, there are a few important factors to consider.​ If you want something that’s durable, cost-effective, and quiet, then I’d recommend the Autoblow 2.​ It replicates the real thing to a T and you don’t have to worry about finding batteries because it plugs into the wall.​ As a bonus, it even comes with 10 different sleeves which add variety to your experience.​

If, on the other hand, you want something that’s softer and more compact, then the Fleshlight Quickshot should be your go-to.​ It’s only 4 inches long which makes it super portable.​ Plus, it has an open ended design which means you can use it both ways.​

The third product that impressed me is the Tenga Flip Hole.​ It’s the most innovative masturbator out of the three and features a grip function that lets you adjust the pressure and tightness as you go.​ You can even add lubricants for an extra slippery feel.​

So, there you have it friend.​ My picks for the best male masturbator of 2018.​ They all offer something a little different, so you should pick the one that best suits your needs.​

Now that we’ve talked about masturbators, next I will discuss the importance of masturbation and its role in people’s lives.​ Masturbation is often misunderstood and stigma still surrounds it in some circles.​ But in reality, it offers numerous benefits.​ It’s a great way to ease tension and stress, learn about your own body, and boost your mood.​ Not to mention, it’s risk-free, free, and accessible.​

Next, I’ll discuss masturbation techniques.​ This topic can get a bit overwhelming because there are just so many available.​ For starters, there are the classic techniques like stroking, fingering, and edging, which all involve stimulating your penis.​ Then there are tools like male masturbators, vibrators, and suction devices which you can use to heighten your pleasure.​

Speaking of pleasure, orgasm is the ultimate goal of masturbation.​ Some men are able to reach orgasm during masturbation sessions, while others need more help.​ What can help is porn.​ Porn can be used to get your libido going and help you reach orgasm faster.​ We also have delay tactics like edging and the squeeze technique, which involve stimulating yourself until the point of no return, then stopping until you can’t take it anymore and go all the way.​

Finally, I’ll touch on safety.​ Safety is a crucial part of any sexual activity, and the same goes for masturbation.​ After all, bacterial infections can occur when using unclean devices and materials.​ To avoid this, use only good-quality lubricants and wash your hands and Penis Rings before and after each session.​ If you’re using toys, make sure to clean them thoroughly and use a new condom for each use.​

So here are some of the main points for best male masturbator 2018.​ It’s an exciting year with lots of advances in the male sex toy industry, and with the help of this article, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the best male masturbator that suits your needs.​

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