Hey, did you ever hear about the thing called Male and Female Advanced Masturbation? It’s a thing that’s been around for a while but it seems to be gaining more traction recently.​ In case you’re not familiar, it is basically just advanced masturbation techniques for both men and women.​

I recently discovered it, dildos and now I’m obsessed.​ I couldn’t believe the things I had been missing out on all this time.​ Just by using some different methods and practices I was able to have some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.​ It’s crazy that I was so clueless and didn’t know about this before.​

I think the thing that I like most about it is that it isn’t just about getting off; it’s about exploring and embracing your sexuality.​ In one session, you learn about your body and how to get the most out of it.​ Some of the techniques used are quite complex but they are definitely worth it in the end.​ Plus, it is also a lot of fun!

163cm Real Silicone Sex Dolls for Men Japan Real Doll Anime Rubber Woman Real Sex Doll Big ...Some of the techniques I have learned include Edging and Contracting and Relaxing.​ Edging is about finding the right timing and rhythm when pleasuring yourself.​ Contracting and Relaxing is all about contracting and releasing your PC muscle, which helps with controlling your arousal.​

I think what I like best about male and female advanced masturbation is that it can be a highly creative experience.​ You don’t have to stick to the same methods every time and you can mix things up.​ Plus, it is always evolving so there are always new things to explore.​

One thing that I have also noticed is that it is quite empowering.​ It made me more aware of my body and Penis Rings it has given me the confidence to go out there and get what I want.​ I feel like I am more in control and I am willing to take risks that I used to be too scared to take.​

Male and Female advanced masturbation has really revolutionized the way I experience pleasure.​ I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for something new and exciting in their love life.​ Just make sure that you do enough research before trying anything new.​ You want to make sure that you are well prepared because this is beyond just rubbing your c***.​

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