do people use sausage as sex toy

Hey there! I totally want to talk about the weirdest thing I have ever heard. Have you heard about people using sausage as a sex toy? Well, let me tell you that’s really a thing now.

To be honest, I can’t wrap my head around it. I mean, why would they even want to use sausage, of all things, as a sex toy? There’s literally a huge selection of sex toys available, so why go for sausage? I understand that it has a unique texture and maybe it stimulates different sensations. I guess we can only ask the people who are into this what their intentions are.

The first time I heard about this, I was genuinely shocked. What a crazy idea! I was so taken aback that it took me a minute to compute what I heard. Then the second thought that crossed my mind was “Oh, sure, why not?”. I guess the human imagination knows no boundaries. People’s fantasies can take them places and they’re free to do whatever makes them happy.

But it’s still hard for me to imagine putting something so edible and delicious in such an intimate place. I couldn’t do it if I tried. I mean, would it be safe? I don’t think my stomach could take it.

Also, would the sausage get stuck inside you? That’s a real possibility. And Penis Rings what if it breaks during the process?

Also, vibrators imagine the mess! It’s not a pretty sight if you ask me. But the people who enjoy it might like it that way, I don’t know.

The truth is I simply can’t know for sure what it feels like unless I give it a try. Maybe I’m being too judgmental and I’m missing out on something genuinely awesome.

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