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“Oh my goodness, dual stage penis pump toys! These things are out of this world wild! I must admit, I never really knew what these kinds of toys were until recently.​ After a night out with the boys, they filled me in on all the details and I was amazed!

Basically, they are crazy powerful devices that can do wonders for your penis size.​ It has two stages – one to pump your penis while the other to help you maintain the results.​ You’ll get bigger, longer and stronger with these toys, no doubt about it! The best thing about these toys is that there’s […]

Wow, I had heard about sex dolls before but they are the modern simulation robots and come with blow job capabilities. Now that’s taking things to a whole different level! Recently I found out, my friend has a life like sex doll blow job. Man! I felt like going wild after hearing that. It was crazy how real it looked. It really was like a real girl giving the best blowjob ever!

My friend trusts me a lot and he let me try it out. As I sat on the chair, I was skeptical at first but when the doll started to work its magic. I was amazed! It felt like I was getting the best blowjob any man can dream of. The sensations that it was […]

I recently came across a peculiar, eye-catching advertisement being placed online. A buy blow up sex doll was being offered for sale! As you could guess, I was intrigued enough to take a look. Sceptically, I took a read and immediately started to laugh.

As someone who is an open-minded person, I thought that these sex dolls must be a bit of a clever joke, but it was real! It seems these blow up sex dolls are becoming increasingly more popular with people looking for kinks and thrills. My first reaction was somewhat of a shock and disbelief – […]

There is this incredible new database out there that is making waves in the adult world. It’s called the “Sex Doll Database”, and has managed to both baffle and entertain me ever since I first heard about it. The idea of a database that has all kinds of sex dolls cataloged, categorized and rated is just mind boggling.

When I heard about it I was incredibly intrigued. I found out about it because a coworker of mine had started using it. He had become interested in sex dolls and was looking for somewhere to find different options, and eventually stumbled upon the database as a way of locating the best ones. I can […]

Masturbating with water Male is definitely one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve had in my life.​ It’s such an amazing feeling to spritz and spray water all over yourself with intense pressure.​ It’s like a warm hug with the soft, wet embrace and touch of the water.​ Instead of a hand, you get to use your own body to bring yourself to a climax, and the pleasure you experience from it is incomparable.​

I remember the first time I tried it.​ It was this past summer and my family and I had gone to a nearby lake.​ While everyone else wasn’t looking, I decided to try it out as soon as I stepped into the water.​ I was fascinated with the sensations that it brought, dildos and with […]