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dark red pumps above penis in pubic hair

When I saw that dark red shoe perched above the pubic hair, I was shocked.​ I mean.​.​ What on earth was going on? It was such an odd sight that I momentarily forgot where I was.​ I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or having a hallucination, but I was surely feeling confused.​ I mean, […]

Hi there, my best friend.​ Recently, I’ve been trying out something totally wild — a life size male masturbator.​ Now, bear with me.​ This isn’t about that uncomfortable conversation we’ve had about male masturbator a few weeks ago.​ It’s actually pretty cool.​

It’s a product that is designed to give you a lifelike experience while using it.​ It’s definitely a major leap forward from using regular size male masturbator.​ It feels really real, like you wouldn’t believe it.​ It takes your breath away.​ The sensation it provides is so real it leaves you in awe.​ It’s made […]

Masturbating isn’t always about toys and porn, sometimes it’s also about drawing something.​ Male masturbation drawings are a kind of art form, one that was celebrated by some of the old masters, but has recently become more accessible and appreciated.​

I’m always excited when it comes to exploring new ways to pleasure myself, and when I came across male masturbation drawings, I knew I had to give it a try.​ At first, I was apprehensive, because I didn’t know if I had the skills necessary to render something visually pleasing.​ After further exploration, I quickly […]

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Wow! I recently heard about the new Flesh Jack penis pump and couldn’t wait to check it out.​ I read all the reviews, and did a bit of research.​ I found out that the Flesh Jack penis pump is made from high-quality silicone and features a unique vacuum system with pulsing pressure technology to help […]