can i use lotion on a silicon sex toy

I’m sure you’ve heard of the silicon sex toy trend, Penis Rings and I’m also sure you’re wondering if you can use lotion with it. Well, let me tell you right off the bat; YES! You can definitely use lotion on silicon sex toys. Now, here’s what you need to know before getting going:

First off,it’s important to know that lotion is generally what’s safest to use with silicon sex toys. Oil-based lubricants are known to degrade and break down the material of silicon sex toys, which can be a huge bummer. That being said, you always want to be mindful of the type of lotion that you’re using. Stay away from perfumed lotions as they can cause irritation and other unpleasantness. Additionally, aim for a lotion that’s specifically water-based and non-porous — remember you’re putting it near delicate areas.

When it comes to application, try to keep it light by dabbing or applying a thin layer of lotion onto the surface of the toy. This will ensure that there’s not too much product to interfere with the toy’s natural sensitivities. If you feel like you need to take a break, no problem. Simply wash the lotion off with warm, soapy water and start again whenever you’re up for it.

Here’s a great tip: Adding a little bit of your favorite body lotion to your toy can help make the material a bit more susceptible and easier to clean. Not to mention, it also helps to give the toy a smoother feel and makes the experience more enjoyable. Plus, as an added bonus, it smells good! How cool is that?

Finally, before you get to the deed, make sure you do a final cleanup. To do this, simply wipe off any extra lotion that may be left on the surface of the toy. This is important for both cleanliness and comfort purposes. Trust me, you’re going to thank me later.

Alright, now that you know it’s safe to use lotion with your silicon sex toy, you can get on with the show. Have fun and be safe!

Another great thing about using lotion on a silicon sex toy is that it can help to enhance the sensation you experience when using it. To do this, you can try adding a small drop of lotion inside the toy and letting it distribute the heat and maximum sensation. It can be incredibly pleasurable and invigorating.

You can also use different lotions to switch up the sensation you experience when using the toy. Experiment with different kinds and strengths of lotion to customize the experience. Just make sure you do a patch test with the product before applying it.

It’s also worth noting that using lotion on a silicon sex toy can help extend its shelf life. The lubricant can help protect the toy’s sensitive material and keep it from weakening or breaking down. For those times when you want to take a break from using the toy, applying a thin layer of lotion can help keep the toy in good condition until your next session.

And if the toy isn’t for you, you can always save some money and try making your own silicon sex toy. Not only is it a great way to customize the toy to your own preferences, but it can also help you save some money in the long run. You can find tutorials online and just be sure to use the same type of lotion that you would use with a store-bought silicon sex toy.

When using lotion on a silicon sex toy, dildos you always want to be conscious of the type, amount, and frequency of use. All of those things are essential in helping to keep the toy safe and functioning properly, plus it also helps prevent any unwanted surprises. So now you can get pleasure and protection at the same time. What could be better?

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