wife uses male masturbator

Storytelling is the best way to grab someone’s attention – especially when it comes to talking about some controversial topics.​ I recently had that experience when my friend, who was a couple for a few months, told me about how she one day made a very peculiar discovery inside her boyfriend’s bedroom – a male […]

dark red pumps above penis in pubic hair

When I saw that dark red shoe perched above the pubic hair, I was shocked.​ I mean.​.​ What on earth was going on? It was such an odd sight that I momentarily forgot where I was.​ I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or having a hallucination, but I was surely feeling confused.​ I mean, […]

penis pumping for max effects

I remember the first time I heard about penis pumping.​ Everyone around me was talking about this revolutionary problem-solver and I was beyond curious.​ With all my best efforts, I gave it my first try and let me tell you, it was an interesting experience.​ My penis didn’t really appreciate the vacuum at first.​ The […]

I recently had the opportunity to try an air pump for penis girth enhancement.​ To be honest, I wasn’t expecting great results but I was pleasantly surprised when I finished!

To start off, I have to say that I was initially skeptical about the pump.​ I had heard about them before but I thought they were some kind of gimmick or scam.​ But when I saw the actual product and read up on it, I thought I would give it a shot.​ The first thing […]

“Oh my goodness, dual stage penis pump toys! These things are out of this world wild! I must admit, I never really knew what these kinds of toys were until recently.​ After a night out with the boys, they filled me in on all the details and I was amazed!

Basically, they are crazy powerful devices that can do wonders for your penis size.​ It has two stages – one to pump your penis while the other to help you maintain the results.​ You’ll get bigger, longer and stronger with these toys, no doubt about it! The best thing about these toys is that there’s […]