are sex dolls mentioned in the bible

I recently heard a wild idea that sex dolls were mentioned in the Bible! Talk about out-there! Obviously, it’s outrageous to think that our ancient holy book would even mention such a thing, let alone condone it. It made me curious to investigate the claims further, so I looked into it.

To begin, it turns out that the Bible never actually mentions the term “sex doll” as we would think of it today. No, the “sex doll” concept of today is the result of advances in doll-making technology. The holy scriptures never refer to such objects. However, this is not to say there is nothing in the Bible that can be construed as related to the idea of sex with a doll.

The closest thing that the Bible comes to discussing the concept of sex toys dolls is a suggestion of having “statues” to represent female partners. In Song of Solomon 6, it reads, “You are beautiful like a Jerusalem maiden, breathtaking like the statues of a Grecian temple.” While the reference doesn’t explicitly mention sex dolls, some consider this to be a possible allusion.

Another suggestion of this type of behavior is found in Ezekiel 16:15-18, which reads in part, “…You decked yourself with jewelry and had a statue of a male erected… and you took from your clothing to deck it… alluring yourself with an arousing sight.” Some interpret this passage to portray a similar concept: using a figurine to simulate sex.

To a lesser degree, there have also been some discussions of pornographic art featuring male and female figures that are similar in style to the sex dolls we know today. Such pornographic art is suggested to have been a part of ancient cultures, and a few Biblical passages may be alluding to this form of material.

At the end of the day, no, vibrators the Bible doesn’t directly and explicitly discuss modern-day sex dolls. However, there is definitely a basis of ancient cultural practices that resemble exploiting sex dolls to some degree.

In addition, there’s the idea of using figurines to represent female partners in the Bible, which lends itself to the possibility of using sex dolls in some way, although this could also just have been a literary device rather than a real suggestion of practice. Finally, there’s also a handful of passages in the Bible that may allude to a familiarity with pornographic art. While this doesn’t directly point to the use of sex dolls, it certainly paints a picture of ancient societies that were familiar with adult materials, and may have used them in some form or another.

So to answer the original question, no, the Bible doesn’t mention sex dolls by name. That doesn’t mean, however, that the Bible doesn’t provide some evidence of the possible prevalence of using figurines for sexual gratification in some way. How amazing would it be to find out if this account was accurate?

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