A couple of months ago I was really struggling with my libido.​ I had been experiencing intense arousal and dissatisfaction for weeks, and it was starting to become very overwhelming.​ I decided that I needed to take full control of my body, and so I started to research ways to help me manage my urges.​ That’s when I stumbled upon tens machine male masturbation.​

At first, I was apprehensive.​ Few people talk about this kind of thing openly, let alone the introduction of machines.​ But after doing a bit more research, I got intrigued.​ I discovered that tens machines provide a very unique and effective way to pleasure oneself without the use of hands.​

So I decided to give it a try and my God, was it worth it.​ Let me tell you, vibrators it was a totally different and better experience compared to just using my hands.​ I felt much more satisfied than I normally would, and the sensations were out of this world.​ It felt like I was floating above a cloud!

I soon realized that what made tens machine masturbation so enjoyable was the level of personal control it allowed.​ You can control the extent of the pleasure with the ‘on’ and ‘off’ button, making it really easy to adjust according to my own preferences.​ Also, I was able to control the rhythm and the mode of stimulation, as there’s a wide set of different pulsating patterns to explore.​

This kind of stimulation was something completely new to me.​ Suddenly, vibrators I understood all of the buzz tens machine masturbation had been getting in the past year.​ I could feel my body being spiritually and physically elevated.​ It’s almost like my body was designed for this kind of stimulation, like I was experiencing a new level of pleasure I had never realized before.​

Plus, the tens machine is totally safe and healthy, which is also an important factor.​ Compared to say, manual stimulation, a tens machine is much more beneficial in the long run.​ With this machine, I could enjoy myself without having to worry about any health risks or fatigue.​

Anyway, I now use the tens machine regularly to satisfy my needs, and I couldn’t be happier with it.​ If you’re struggling with similar issues, I highly recommend it – I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Ok, now let me answer one more common question – how do I use the tens machine for masturbation?

As with anything, preparation is key.​ Firstly, make sure that the area around your genitals is clean and free of any bacteria.​ Then, apply the electrode pads to the appropriate areas according to the manual.​ Use a water-based lubricant for extra comfort.​

Now, adjust the intensity and rhythm until you find the setting you are most comfortable with.​ You can try a few different patterns to see what works best for you.​ Then, all you need to do is lie back and enjoy.​

To enhance the experience, you could try adding some toys to your sessions.​ Today, there are so many different types of toys to stimulate male pleasure.​ Whether it’s a cock ring, love egg, or something more daring, you’re sure to find something that will fit your desires.​

Vibration can also play an important part in increasing pleasure, and there are a few special advanced features to keep an eye out for.​ Some machines come with additional vibration options that can further stimulate your body.​ To unlock the orgasmic power of vibrations, I strongly recommend exploring this new world of pleasure toys.​

And perhaps, surprise yourself with a new type of stimulation you never knew you wanted – I promise it’s worth it!

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