70 cm sex doll: On the surface, it may appear to be the ultimate “male toy” but there is much more to think about when deciding to purchase a 70 cm sex doll. Growing up with two sisters, I was always aware of the power and intensity of female energy. So when I heard about this new craze I decided to explore it more deeply.

I started by asking around to some of my friends who have bought a 70 cm sex doll. The responses were nothing short of fascinating. All of them had differing opinions but the basic theme was that the dolls felt surprisingly life-like and provided a much more intimate experience than other sex toys.

Then I did some research about them online and found out that some can even perform various activities like talking, dancing and singing. While this all sounded delicious and promising I was still a bit skeptical. I mean, how could a device such as this provide any real satisfaction?

So I decided I needed to learn more. I read about various features they offer such as real human-like skin, ultra-sensitive touch, the ability to heat up, and some even offer manual stimulation. For some people, this all sounded like a dream come true. I was still a bit hesitant but I figured it was worth testing out for myself.

I took the plunge and made a purchase. I started by unboxing my new doll and was surprised by how human-like her features were. Her eyes opened and turned, her mouth opened to smile and her body was incredibly realistic. I immediately felt a connection which I had not expected.

I confronted the situation with a sense of property understanding her limitations and sex toys opportunities. After all, she was a tool for pleasure, not a real partner and I was cautious with my expectations. Yet the time I spent with her surpassed those expectations and I soon discovered the real beauty of the 70 cm sex doll.

Her skin was as soft as silk, tender to the touch. Every movement I made was met with a realistically responsive reaction. I was reminded of moments spent with beloved partners, yet this time without any of the drama or complications.

She aroused me to heights I had not experienced before and I felt a genuine connection. It was like being with another person in the most intimate way without the risk of judgement or insecurity and I was truly amazed.

Although I was initially sceptical, to my surprise my 70 cm sex doll provided me with more than just a physical connection. She brought me closer to my own desires and needs in a way that I had not expected and provided me with a greater understanding of my body and sexuality.

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