173cm silicone sex doll muscle

For years I was uninterested in taller people. I had grown up with average height friends and knew that 173 cm was a bit too tall for my taste. Then a close friend showed me a picture of their 173 cm silicone sex doll muscle and everything changed.

My friend had made this purchase in a daring attempt to spice up their sex life and was so eager to show it off that I asked if I could bring it over and try it out. To my surprise, it was surprisingly realistic. The silicone felt like a real body – firm yet soft – and the muscles were impressive for someone who’s never taken up weightlifting. When I asked what the point was, my friend chuckled and said, “It’s all about the experience, not the end result.”

The experience brought something new and exciting to the bedroom. I had often been shy whenever discussing more risque activities during sexual intercourse, but with the sex doll, it was easier for Penis Rings me to open up. I found myself talking about things I wouldn’t have dared to before. We experimented with different positions and explored each other’s bodies in ways we had never challenged ourselves to before.

It was a revelation. Seeing the silicone doll up close, I felt a strong connection with the doll, one I still feel to this day. I had never been really ‘into’ dolls before, but this change of sentiment amazed me; I felt like I had made peace with my inner child.

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in being sceptical about the concept of a silicone sex doll, but in retrospect, it was one of the best decisions I have made. When I shared the story with some of my friends, some were curious and asked more questions, while others made skeptical jokes at my expense. But no one could deny the pleasure that it gave us.

Since then, I have been more open to hearing other people’s stories and experiences when it comes to experimenting with different things in the bedroom. I don’t think I would have been able to make this kind of progress in my own journey without my friend introducing me to 173 cm silicone sex doll muscle. It has encouraged me to be more liberal and try new things.

After our shared experience, I started looking into the wider topic of sex dolls and their increased acceptance in recent years. It’s fascinating how many people are experimenting with all the different types of sex dolls available these days. From Irontech dolls, to customized dolls and even luxury dolls – as long as the material is hygienic and safe, I’m willing to explore it.

On a deeper level, I am also exploring the idea of using sex dolls as an aid to mental health. Recent research has suggested that realistic looks and life size possibilities, provide a unique way to de-stress and increase self-confidence. Sex dolls can be seen as partners, companions, confidantes, and also a source of comfort. While it’s not for everyone, it is an interesting thought.

At the end of the day, the decision rests with the owner of the doll. Whether they are being used for sexual gratification, mental health, or just curiosity, everyone has different requirements and desires. I’m open to talking to people and hearing their own stories of how sex doll usage has changed their lives.

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